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Hamarsoft product line:

Hamarsoft hosts a range of products that were developed in-house or as part of a collaboration with outside programmers. Some of these products are available for your evaluation.

There are several monthly publications, like Jeff Gilchrist's Archive Comparison Test, where Hamarsoft products are compared to more than 40 other compression programs.

HAP 3.05bp

Size:35 Kb

Price: USD 20,-

Requirements: 80286 / Nec V20 or better, DOS 3.30, 512Kb.

Being a small program and using only very limited system memory, HAP is the ideal low-memory compressor. Using modelling techniques this compressor achieves high compression on text and images. Because HAP uses a linear algorithm, decompression takes just as long as compression. HAP is ideally suited for conserving large amounts of image and text data. It is less suited for daily use.

The size reduction usually is 75% or more for text. HAP 4.0x is the improved successor to this version. Registering 3.05bp will automatically get you 4.0x.


ACE 1.1b


Size: 360 Kb

Price: USD 29,-

Requirements: 80386+ cpu, 4Mb RAM

Built by German Marcel Lemke, ACE was optimized for compression- speed by Hamarsoft. ACE uses XMS or EMS memory for its large model structure.4 Mb of RAM is recommended. Being very fast, ACE is ideal for daily use in any PC environment. Its easy-to use interface simplifies tasks like backups, which can be made on multiple volumes of removable media like diskettes and ZIP drives.

ACE uses solid compression, a technique which uses similarities in groups of files to even further reduce the size of archives, outperforming most other archivers. Registering with Hamarsoft entitles you to a free copy of Hamarsoft Memory Pirate (see below).

Marcel Lemke also has a homepage.


Hamarsoft Memory Pirate


No download.

Price USD 25,-

Intel (R) 430 FX, HX, MX, TX, VX, 440 BX, EX/FX, LX or 450 KX,GX
VIA (R) Apollo VP, VP2, VP3, Pro or VIA Pre-VP Chipsets,
SIS (R) 5571, 5591, 5596, 5597, 5598 based chipset, OPTI (R) Vendetta chipset on motherboard. DOS 5+

Test whether your system is supported by Hamarsoft Memory Pirate !

Download the free VIEWPCI program here.

Installing a memory manager like QEMM or EMM386 allows you to make use of memory in the segment address range C800-EFFF, the so-called Upper Memory Block or UMB for short. The major drawback to these programs is that they 'steal' real RAM memory elsewhere in the system and 'relocate' it to that address range. Effectively your PC has less XMS memory in favor of UMB. If that isn't enough, your system from that moment on runs in Virtual-86 mode, a form of protected mode which does not allow some programs (notably some games) to run.

Hamarsoft Memory Pirate does not do this.

HMP frees real RAM at the given address range and leaves the XMS memory untouched. Effectively you will have up to 160 Kb more real RAM.At the same time HMP runs in real-mode, which is the mode your PC starts up in in the first place. HMP uses only 64 BYTES of resident memory.



Size: 20 Kb

Free, registration of original UMB_DRVR is required

The shareware version of UMB_DRVR, a UMB provider for older machines. The original version contains a bug which writes invalid EMS vectors in the interrupt table. ACE relies on these vectors to be correct.

This is the bugfix version. If you have problems running ACE with UMB_DRVR, please download this officially authorized patch.