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What magazines say about Hamarsoft products:

last updated: January 2nd 1998

DOSWorld magazine July 1997 issue:

A monthly standoff between all available compression programs, published by Jeff Gilchrist, the archive comparison test lists more than 40 different compression programs and is acknowledged internationally to be a consistent benchmark for various types of data.

To test HAP 4.0x before registering, check out the product line page where you can download a demo copy. When you register any HAP 3.xx series program, you will automatically receive HAP 4.0x. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

Cover of DOS World magazine  
Cover of Computer! Totaal magazine

Computer! Totaal magazine
December 1993 issue:

Hamarsoft HAP has outperformed many compression programs since its first release in 1992. In December 1993 the publicly distributed version 3.00 was tested in the Dutch Computer! Totaal magazine, here is what the testers had to say: " The Dutch HAP and PAH 3.00 performs not bad at all, but only has few options. Compression-wise it ends up on second place. "




Sybex' Sharebert Softwarehits 1994:

A German Sybex publication took HAP 3.00 to the test and placed the winner on its front cover. The tester wrote: "The real topper though was HAP and PAH: The file measured only 225.541 bytes (almost 67% less than the original) after compression."

HAP 4.0x now features superior compression performance on 24-bit image and some audio sample files, saving significant amounts of floppy and harddisk storage space for your multimedia files. When sending files over a phoneline or the Internet, HAP 4.0x saves significant amounts of time compared to conventional techniques.

Cover of Sybex' 'Sharebert'  

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